Ground Guard

Ground Guard has been developed as an alternative to conventional concrete pavers and cobblestones and is available in two different configurations.

Due to their unique design, Ground Guards provide a surface which is strong, stable and through which grass grows well, giving a visually pleasing appearance, at the same time protecting the grass areas from the impact of vehicles and foot traffic.

Very thin in section, Ground Guards become almost invisible once the grass is established. Their 90% open base promotes unrestricted root growth and water penetration.

Being lightweight (4.5Kg/sq. metre), Ground Guards are easily handled and quick to install. The clipping system means they can be unclipped, removed and replaced should any underground work be required in the area. Ground Guards can be cut with suitable shears to work around trees, edges or other obstacles and are very useful to protect the root-zone of trees from damage.

Made from 80% recycled Polyethylene, Ground Guards are environmentally friendly, have a high UV resistance and remain stable but flexible over a wide range of temperatures, and can be used safely in water conservation.

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